Ghost Tours San Diego – Spooks & Spirits Seance Experience

ghost tour san diego

Ghost Tours San Diego – Spooks & Spirits Seance Experience

After your Ghost Tour San Diego come make contact with spirits on the other side!

San Diego Seances – Enjoy a theatrical recreation of a Victorian style spiritual experience. This is a perfect addition to any Ghost Tours San Diego. Your host will guide you and attempt to convince the spirits to show. Exhilarating for those 18 years of age and older. By reservation only and a donation of your choosing.  As a special treat for those sensitive to the spirit world, you may have a spirit from the other side make contact with you and speak to you past, present or future!

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism was a movement that started in 1849 and continued up until the early 1920’s. It was most popular in the UK and United States and became a sensation with seances being common place in homes. People of the time were fascinated by the idea of spirits of those who had passed communicating to them through various methods. There were many “celebrity” mediums of the time that would hold Seances to speak with the dead. In those times the Seance was a form of entertainment for the curious.  We seek you; the curious who hope to experience something strange maybe even supernatural.

What is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit?

It is believed that a Ghost is a moment locked in time. Ghosts are often seen moving through walls and sometimes don’t appear to have feet. They loop the same visual representation over and over. Ghost’s do not respond to live people’s attempts to communicate with them. Spirits are said to be a person or animal that’s energy has left it’s physical body, yet remains in a space occupied by the living. Spirits can be aware of the living and interact with people if they choose. There are so many unexplained events that most people will have a moment with the paranormal some time in their life.

Ghost Tours San DiegoHistorical Ghosts and Haunting in San Diego

There are many places in San Diego known to be Haunted. Some stories are urban legends and others can be linked to actual people and events. The Spooks & Spirits Experience takes place at a single location that varies from one location to another. There are spirits everywhere so we don’t have to look very hard but often get the best response at places known for an unusual occurrence.





The Spooks & Spirits Experience is not a walking ghost tour. This is a 1 hour gathering in a single location and includes real personal paranormal stories and attempts to contact the spirit world. Space is limited, Extended schedule for Halloween.

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