Halloween Shows San Diego – Spooks and Spirits Experience

Halloween Shows San Diego – Spooks and Spirits Experience

Looking for things to do this Halloween? What about making contact with spirits!

When it comes to Halloween shows San Diego usually only offers Haunted Houses, this year a limited amount of people will Experience the Supernatural! The Spooks & Spirits Experience will take Halloween San Diegoyou to the edges of reality. In Victorian times it was common to reach out to the spirit world. In fact, President Abraham Lincoln even was said to have a medium that held seances in the White House. From 1849 through the 1920s spiritualism was a popular form of entertainment for the curious. Creative director, Von Dracul says he has always loved Halloween and has for years wanted to expand beyond the traditional haunted house and bring a more personal and unsettling experience. “I’ve been searching for something more without getting too theatrical. When I had a real ghost experience a few years ago it inspired me to research the paranormal. I’ve found the spirit world is very eager to communicate with us! That’s what we attempt to do contact the other side so others can experience the emotions connected to this sort of thing!” While Von Dracul doesn’t claim the strange occurrences that happen during the Spooks and Spirits are real, he doesn’t say that they are not real. “I’ve learned to expect the unexpected! Each group brings a different energy so you can’t really predict what is going to happen.” While participants don’t sit around a table and hold hands, Von Dracul says the experience pulls from classic methods of spirit communication and take place in very active places. Groups are limited to 10 persons and RSVPs are required and no one under 18 is allowed.

“OMG! I’m a believer after doing the Spooks & Spirits Experience! Crazy!” – Jen Olson

“Definitely a fun date night, I screamed!” – Amy Fisher

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