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spirits and more radio official

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spirits and more radio official

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Spirits and More Radio Official


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In this show we unlocked the mysteries behind the Ouija Board with guests from the Talking Board Historical Society, Rob Murch, Rick Omortus Schreck and Brandon Hodge. We discuss how the Ouija board came to be, the planchette and the spiritualism that used these tools to enlighten people from beyond the grave! The full two hour show is available to our FULL ACCESS Patrons and the 1st hour is podcast free.

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Summary: 13 Episodes of Daily Scary Horror News 2 minutes of Horror Podcast covers current events in Horror, Scary Movies, Horror Humor and highlights from our 1 hour Spirits and More Radio shows. It’s only 2 minutes, don’t freak out.

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Tell Us Your Paranormal Story

If you would like to tell your story, that one that shook your beliefs or confirmed that there is more than meets the eye then contact us to be considered for the show!


    What you should tell us:


      • Who you are.
      • Where you are from.
      • How old you are and your occupation
      • Tell us your story.

Your story should be about a paranormal experience that happened to you personally.

We will review your story and contact you if we would like to do a recorded interview. Note we are not looking for fictional fabrications.


So it’s Show time! Tell us all about what happened:

editor @ spooksandspirits.com

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