Complete list of Haunted Places San Diego

Haunted Places San Diego

A complete list of Haunted Places San Diego

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You’ve found Haunted Places San Diego, be sure to RSVP for Spooks & Spirits Experience if you want to talk to ghosts! There are many Ghost Tour options in San Diego and all of them are best when you join us after your tour for Spooks & Spirits Experience.  A thrill for those over 18! Be ready to make a connection with spirits on the other side, requires a waiver. We are not responsible for any ghosts that follow you home!!

The complete list of Haunted Places:

  1. Hotel Del Coronado
  2. Whaley House
  3. Julian Hotel (staff smells cigar smoke inside)
  4. Grand Horton Hotel
  5. Villa Montezuma House (Owned by Spiritualist)
  6. 548 5th Ave – Prohibition (former Morgue in basement / Suicide on ground level floor)
  7. Elfin Forest – Harmony Grove (San Marcos)
  8. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center – Basement (employee access only; don’t even try)
  9. Green house on hill near Old Poway Park (according to Cactus Jack it was once a brothel and he reported haunting living in the home)
  10. Pioneer Park
  11. El Cortez Hotel
  12. Point Loma Lighthouse
  13. William Heath Davis House
  14. Presidio Park
  15. Sea World – Sparklets Water Show Building / Now 4D theater (thought to be owner George)

Warning most of these places are businesses and museums but some are private homes. Please don’t investigate on private property or bother occupants. Not all businesses are ghost hunter friendly so ask before you attempt to use any paranormal investigation equipment. Just ask or be discreet when visiting and remember to be a good customer and most businesses won’t have any issue with you.


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