Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters Every Investigator Needs To Have

Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters

Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters For Every Paranormal Investigator

Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters

Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters used in Haunted places. Paranormal activity has been documented for centuries.  As technology has become more advanced and the cost of electronic devices has come down, ghost hunting equipment is more popular than ever.  Before electronics, people called upon the spirits to give them a sign of the afterlife. Glass pushing was a way for a group of people to let the spirits communicate messages to them. Cards, each with a letter from the alphabet would be placed in a circle. Then participants would put their fingers on a glass placed upside down. Soon the glass would begin to move about  various letters. Later the spirit board would become popular based on the same idea. Instead of a glass, a planchette with a hole in the middle would be moved around a board with letters on it. The Ouija board is a trademark name for a spirit board produced by Hasbro. The first use of the term Ouija was in 1890 when Elija Bond introduced the board and design. Another method used was called “auto writing”.  This happens when a spirit writes on a pad of paper through a medium. Often the messages from the spirit world are not coherent and jumbled. The thought is that communicating across into our living world requires much energy and effort.  A solution to this is to ask questions of the spirit and let the spirit answer with a tap, ringing a bell or lighting a bulb as those actions require less of the spirit than writing out messages.

Modern Day Ghost Hunting Equipment

As you look at these tools you might not know exactly what they do. Don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s really simple.  All these devices measure and capture energy. Energy in our world comes in many forms so to measure and detect it we use different devices and technologies. Some energy is audible meaning we can hear it, some is visible that we see with our eyes, some we feel and some is invisible.  While nobody can say for certain that ghosts and spirits give off any specific energy readings or “signature”, the modern day paranormal investigator uses these tools to match up audible, visual, tactile and psychic events with measurable energy detection and data logging. So basically each of these devices is covering a specific type of energy that we can capture and analyze. To visually illustrate the range of energy,  you can see the entire radiation spectrum starting with ELM, RF & Light. What’s most important is to be scientific about capturing your evidence. What you are hoping to see is more than one meter detect an event simultaneously with others indicating a major disruption in the energy fields around you combined with either tactile (touch), visual or audible paranormal event.


Ghost Hunting Tools and Meters

EVP Audio and Video Recording devices (Audible and Visual Energy Detection)Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters

Widely used today and virtually a requirement, is the use of video, still cameras and audio recording.  Often video cameras have audio recording combined and can be setup to automatically record when sound is detected or something visible moves through the field of view. Today an inexpensive IP camera such as the Foscam R2 is a great place to start. You can quickly be setup by bringing your own Internet Router preset up with the cameras attached and a laptop connected for monitoring. Ideally you should label each camera and draw a map of the site layout showing where they were located at the time of investigation. If possible setup a camera to monitor your other detection devices that don’t have time date stamp logging. In the case of EVP capturing in most cases you would want video as well so this camera and audio combo is ideal. If you will be moving around a structure using your mobile phone recorder is an option.



Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermal Energy Detection)Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters

One of the most common paranormal events is the feeling of very cold spots in a room.  Some have said it’s as if being hugged by an entity.  That is what makes a thermal imaging camera so important. This device precisely detects temperature and visualizes it on a screen. Blue color is cold and orange white is very hot. So if you were to feel extreme cold you could literally screen capture the exact space that is inexplicably colder.  Up until recently the least expensive option was the FLIR handheld , it’s a good choice for professionals but FLIR has a newer entry level option called FLIR ONE for iphone or FLIR ONE for android to give your phone this powerful capability for much less!




Electromagnetic Detector ELM meter (Electromagnetic Field Detection)Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters

When we investigate hauntings and spirits we are looking for any evidence of an unexplained presence.  To do that paranormal investigators understandably need to monitor all energy in the location of the paranormal event.  When measuring energy, electromagnetic energy must be monitored along with all the other bands of energy.  The electromagnetic range of energy is below radio frequencies or RF.  The most popular and affordable ELM Detector is the Cornet. With this device you get a visual display and specific energy level readings so there is no question as to what the anomaly detection strength is.


Spectrum Analyzer / RF Detector (Radio Frequency Detection)

RF stands for Radio Frequency. These are the waves of energy that are used to transmit Radio, television, mobile phones, wireless remotes and devices.  Spectrum Analyzers are devices that scan a Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Metersrange of frequencies and measure the intensity of the energy.  This technology can cost as much as $50,000 for a high end analyzer. However, a few companies have come out with much more affordable products that are more obtainable to the causal hobby ghost investigator.  There of course are big differences between a high end product and the lower end products but scanning for radio frequency energy when investigating is an essential tool.  The RF Explorer is a great entry level RF analyzer. What makes it better than a cheap RF detector is the that you get more information and a visualization of the energy. If you are using an RF detector it will only tell you that there is strong RF near your device. However there are many common sources of RF like Wifi routers, cell phones and communication and military transmitters.  So when you investigate with a simple RF detector you really can not rule out many legitimate sources. Likewise if you’re using a radio “scanner” you are only seeing a snippet of data on a single channel or frequency.

The spectrum analyzer scans like a “scanner” and measures energy strength like an RF detector but puts the two together in a visualization that helps you rule out common sources and observe anomalies that are likely not from a radio transmitter. One such possible spirit detection event would be a burst of energy across an uncommon frequency range simultaneously with audio or video events.

Just like everything technical, getting to know your equipment well should be a top priority. There is nothing more frustrating than having a great investigation kit and missing an event because you aren’t familiar with your tools.  All the Top 5 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Meters devices we’ve featured in this article are a good start and if your budget grows you can upgrade to more sophisticated equipment if needed.