Episode 2 – Seance Host and Ghost Tour Guide Paul Voodini


On this episode we are joined by Paul Voodini, ghost tour guide, seance host and author. We discuss Paul’s paranormal experiences during ghost walks and seances. We dive head first into the history of seances and what paul recommends to those who dare to flirt with the dead! For past shows go to spiritsandmoreradio.com www.patreon.com/spiritsandmoreradio

Paul Voodini was born in the city of Sheffield in the north of England in the year 1964, in a convent run by the Sisters of Mercy (the nuns not the Goth rock band, sadly). Paul was drawn as an adult into the murky world of paranormal events, psychic entertainment, ghost hunts, and mind-reading shows. For many years Paul worked professionally as a tarot card reader and seance host. Paul will join us to discuss his brushes with the paranormal and share some of his favorite stories!

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