Episode 4 – Enter the Secret underground society of Vampires among us

Real blood drinking vampire

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On this episode we are joined by New Orleans Vampire Association Founder Belfazaar Ashantison who shares with us what it’s like to lust for blood. We get an insider’s view on the secret society of Vampires who live among us as teachers, police officers, neighbors who crave Blood and energy in many forms. Belfazaar’s life changed at age 11 when he was introduced to a world unknown by most, the underground world of Vampires! To hear the extended show become an “Overtime” member here: www.patreon.com/spiritsandmoreradio

Belfazaar Founder New Orleans Vampire Association, Belfazaar tells all as we learn of his first bite, how it made him feel and the shocking response from his parents! It’s a tell all interview revealing Vampires among us who have lead a life of secrecy generation after generation. You two could be working side by side with a real blood drinking vampire and not even know it.

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