Paranormal Haunted Hollywood – Magic Castle – Roosevelt Hotel – Comedy Store EP7

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Haunted Hollywood

Inside Haunted Hollywood – Magic Castle – Comedy Store Hollywood,

Tom Ogden author of Haunted Hollywood shares stories that have haunted tinsel town for decades. Magic Castle, Roosevelt Hotel and many more locations revealed. This show is two hours packed with some of the more famous hauntings and some insider details on the world famous Magic Castle private Hollywood club.

From desk draws opening in Howard Hughes beloved office to Bugsy Siegel’s murder house in nearby Beverly Hills you’ll enjoy every minute of this show. It’s like a Ghost Tour guide you could practically listen to and walk Hollywood with. Tom tells all about a infamous mirror that was located in the Roosevelt Hotel for years said to reveal the image of Marilyn Monroe. Did Lindsay Lohan buy it? that is the rumor!




haunted hollywood

haunted hollywood

Haunted Hollywood

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