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Ghosts at Disneyland

Ghosts at Disneyland : Interview with Richard Carradine : Park After Dark

Guest Richard Carradine joins us to discuss Ghosts at Disneyland. Where is Walt Disney seen? Who has died at Disneyland and why won’t Holly ever leave the Matterhorn! This interview is filled with the frighteningly unexpected! Richard has been collecting ghost stories since he was a teen and you don’t want to miss a minute of what he has to share in this show about Ghosts at Disneyland.

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ghosts at disneylandRichard Carradine – Author of Park After Dark

In almost two decades of hunting, he has investigated ghosts from all over the world, (Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovenia) and throughout the United States (Florida, California, New York, Louisiana, Virginia, and Montana). In California alone, he has investigated over 200 haunted locations (including all 23 missions). But, his favorite haunted hunting grounds is the “City of Angels”.

His approach to each case is academic. Proving or disproving the spiritual activity of a certain spot isn’t what motivates this ghost hunter. Instead, he is more interested in collecting the stories and eyewitness accounts, and archiving them, as a means of recording them for future studies into these unusual phenomena that clearly affect so many seemingly unconnected people.

GHOULA WEBSITE – Richard’s website for ghost stories and meet ups.


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