Episode 12 – Psych Ward Camarillo with Wayne Poe

Camarillo State Hospital

Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital over 1000 patient deaths!

Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital operated from 1936 to 1997. During that time over 1000 patients died, some by gruesome suicide. First hand accounts of horrible treatment by some staff to in low level units are portrayed as hell on earth. Many were trapped in this place for simply being intoxicated or even because they did not speaking English. It’s no wonder the haunting and spirit activity are so frequent. EVPS and Ghosts have been seen by many here. Our guest, Wayne Poe, filmmaker and producer of Hotel Camarillo calls it the Holy Grail of paranormal investigators. Today the site is the home of Cal State University Channel Islands and many of the spaces are now dorms or class rooms. Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com


First hand account of conditions at Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Nadine Scolla – Keeper of the Keys (1976) PDF BOOK HERE


Guest Wayne Poe, filmmaker, producer of Hotel Camarillo

Haunted Camarillo State Hospital

Haunted Camarillo Hospital
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