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Listened to in over 144 countries, Spirits and More radio dives into the lesser known, the paranormal and the people who lurk in it’s shadows.  We talk to the people who hunt ghosts, have experienced strange things and discuss events in the horror/paranormal realm. Every show is different but all will open your eyes to things you could not see before!

Access all of our past shows here. We have produced two podcasts, our main show being Spirits and More Radio. You can also check out 2 Minutes of Horror! Be sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

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Some of our shows run beyond an hour and we have chosen to make these longer episodes available through our Patreon club. We’ve made the subscription less than a Starbucks coffee! But that small amount helps us keep doing this show and pay the services fees required to bring you along. Thank you for those who have supported this show and welcome to those joining us for the first time!


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    Show Hosts

    Steve Rowin is the founder of Spooks and Spirits Paranormal Research. He has been on live television 3 times and is the host of a paranormal topic radio show.  Since 2012 Steve has been interviewing those who have had unexplained experiences that many believe are ghosts or spirits. A Self proclaimed skeptic, Steve takes an Investigative journalist approach.

    Erik Vanlier as seen on ViceTV “In my own world” Demon Hunter Episode, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and more, has been investigating the paranormal for over twenty years and has been labeled a sensitive and spirit-magnet by some of the top experts in the paranormal field. He is well versed in all types of investigations from earthbound to non-earthbound entities as well as equipment. His investigations have been conducted in Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Hawaii.

    Freddie Valentine is in touch with his ying and yang. On one hand he is the polyester clad host of the Karnival of Kitsch with dance moves that brin to mind JohnTravolta before he got fat and on the other, mystical hand, he is a keeper of strange mysteries, seance host and tarot reader!

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