Episode 27 – Texas Bigfoot; in search of the southern Sasquatch


He knows Bigfoot is real, he’s seen the look in their eyes! Lyle Blackburn has been in search of the southern Sasquatch. Listen as we discuss all aspects of Bigfoot and the stories that has convinced Lyle Bigfoot is real. Lyle is an author of many books on the subject and has a new book on the way “Momo The strange case of the Missouri Monster”


Episode 23 – Demons – Can you smell the infestation?


Demons have been documented for thousands of years. Explore Demons with guest JJ from Southern Demonology

You saw the Nun now hear the truth behind demons and demonic possession.


Episode 21 – Zombie Joe’s Underground – Immersive Horror Theater


Zombie Joe’s Underground – Immersive Horror Theater

Los Angeles – NOHO – North Hollywood theater district


Zombie Joe’s Underground theater in it’s 26th year, immersive horror shows, cast of Monster’s come out at night join in the interview, Manager reveals that some spirits haunt this theater and his first paranormal sighting took place in the attic! “It creeps me out just thinking about what I saw!”


Links for tickets to ZJU shows: http://zombiejoes.com/