Episode 19 – Blood in the Woods Author JP Willie


Author JP Willie Reveals new movie projects and tells us about what inspired his book [amazon_textlink asin=’1948318067′ text=’Blood in the Woods’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’samr-wbst-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ac05d8d2-1735-11e8-92ad-d5f433478131′]


Check out JP’s Website www.OfficialJPwillie.com

Episode 18 – The Fortune Teller – Michael Day


The Fortune Teller – Michael Day joins us to describe his abilities to help people with Tarot, Astrology and his very own unique method of contacting spirit. We ask those questions you’ve always wanted to know about one who live life predicting other’s future.


King of tarot – Michael Day Website

Episode Zero – Rare Interview; The Skeptic challenges existence of Ghosts – Test Show


Way back at the beginning of this year we did a test show. It was just to get the tech working correctly and test a IP audio link. It became an impromptu interview with Mauricio who is a skeptic on the Paranormal. Shortly after this, Episode 1 was broadcast. Step back in time and hear a rare pre-show recording of Spirits and More Radio! Now listen in as I test my interviewing skills on The Skeptic and see if he challenges your belief in Ghosts.

Episode 16 – 2 HOUR HALLOWEEN SPECIAL at The Oman House


We broadcast LIVE from the Oman house in Beverly Hills for Halloween. The house sits on a vortex of paranormal activity. Sitting just 150′ from the Charles Manson Family murder site of Sharon Tate, strange things began to happen as soon as construction began in 1999. The home has been featured on Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Hunters and more. Join us as we explore EVPs captured in a recap of Paranormal Investigations that have taken places over the last decade. David Oman has also appeared on Coast to Coast AM so enjoy this 2 hour show and sign up to be a full access member to hear other shows in their entirity! Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com


To listen to and see the videos discussed on this show visit DAVID OMAN’S YOUTUBE HERE

You can find David Oman on Twitter and Facebook. And learn more about his film here

Episode 15 – Halloween Urban Legends with Nightmare 365 Crew


On this show we are joined by Nightmare 365 podcast crew to talk about Halloween Urban Legends, Ghost Hunting Equipment and Host Steve reveals his personal paranormal encounter for the first time ever. Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com

Episode 14 – Evil in Alabama


Evil in Alabama torments a child forcing the family to move! Father struggles to protect his son who refused to sleep in his room. Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com

Episode 13 – Mothman Chicago and more with Lon Strickler


Mothman Chicago ; First spotted in 1966, flying humanoids have been seen from West Virginia up to Illinois. Recently Lon Strickler with Phantoms and Monsters has documented over 40 sightings in recent months from Chicago area alone! We also hear about Lon’s personal ghost story which is one of the most chilling we’ve ever heard. Now live simulcasting this show on Internet Radio, Periscope and Youtube. Call 1-872-2-GHOSTS to report your sightings. Check our website for future show dates. Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com




Mothman Chicago
Guest Lon Strickler

Episode 12 – Psych Ward Camarillo with Wayne Poe


Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital over 1000 patient deaths!

Haunted Camarillo State Mental Hospital operated from 1936 to 1997. During that time over 1000 patients died, some by gruesome suicide. First hand accounts of horrible treatment by some staff to in low level units are portrayed as hell on earth. Many were trapped in this place for simply being intoxicated or even because they did not speaking English. It’s no wonder the haunting and spirit activity are so frequent. EVPS and Ghosts have been seen by many here. Our guest, Wayne Poe, filmmaker and producer of Hotel Camarillo calls it the Holy Grail of paranormal investigators. Today the site is the home of Cal State University Channel Islands and many of the spaces are now dorms or class rooms. Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com


First hand account of conditions at Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Nadine Scolla – Keeper of the Keys (1976) PDF BOOK HERE


Guest Wayne Poe, filmmaker, producer of Hotel Camarillo

Haunted Camarillo State Hospital

Haunted Camarillo Hospital
www.hotelcamarillo.com Facebook: Hotel Camarillo


Episode 11 – SPECIAL: Live from Midsummer Scream


Special show live from Midsummer Scream Halloween Horror Convention in Long Beach California. Guest roundtable with Eric Vanlier, Ace Jordan and Rob Hernandez. Did Ace Jordan see Slenderman in Black Star Canyon, Would you eat ribs from a Coffin BBQ? Visit our sponsor here: www.HalloweenPartyDeals.com